LAMP Adult Education and SPOKES

Career Survey

Summers County Public Library

201 Temple Street       Hinton, WV 25951



Business/Organization Name:________________________________ Date:_________

Contact Person (owner, supervisor, manager): ________________________________

Contact phone number and email: _________________ / ________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Short description of business or organization services/function (i.e. health care, retail, fast food, manufacturing, transportation, communications)   _____________________________________________________________________

Approximate number of employees:   <5_____ 5 -10_____ 10-20 _____ >20 _____

How long has the company existed?  <1yr ____ 1-2yrs ____ 2-5yrs ____ >5yrs____

Do you plan on hiring in the next?      6 months ____ 1yr ____ >1yr ____ No Plans ____

Is a drug test required for employees?  Yes____ No ____

If you plan on hiring, please indicate how many are:

Hourly Workers: _______             Part-time: _______ Full-time: _______

Educational requirements:   Some high school ___     HS diploma/Equivalency ___ Certifications ___     Associates Degree ___     B.A. /B.S. ___     Other____

Salaried Workers:  ________      Part-time: _______ Full-time:  _______

Educational requirements:  Some high school ___     HS diploma/Equivalency ___ Certification ___     Associates Degree ___     B.A. /B.S. ___     Other____

Recommended skills for employees: 

            Math: (i.e. basic skills, algebra, geometry) _______________________________

            Communication: (i.e. writing, speaking, reading) __________________________

            Computer: (i.e. MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint) _____________________________

            Other: ___________________________________________________________


Recommended workplace skills for employees:  please rate each of the following skills as extremely important (1), moderately important (2), or slightly important (3)

            Teamwork:  ______________

            Time management:  ____________

            Conflict resolution:  _____________

            Work ethic:  _______________

            Systems thinking:  ____________

            Leadership skills:  ____________


Would you or a company representative be available to speak with our adult learners about your job requirements and needs?              Yes ____                   No_____

Would you be interested in providing an adult learner with a job shadowing experience so that he or she can learn more about your company/business/organization?

Yes ____                   No _____


Would you be available to participate in a mini job fair for Summers County?


Yes ____                   No _____


Comments:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


If you would like a copy of the complete survey results, please check here. 


Shalom Tazewell                                                                 Evelyn Phillips

LAMP Adult Education Coordinator                                 LAMP Asst. Coordinator

304-466-4490                                                                       304-466-4490


John Vuolo

LAMP Adult Education Postsecondary Coordinator



Carmella Browning                                                             Joy Walker

SPOKES Instructor                                                              Career Development Consultant 

(Strategic Planning in Occupational Knowledge          SPOKES

for Employment and Success)                                          304-890-2593