Meet Bertha, our beloved bookmobile who has been delivering books and smiles to our patrons since 2012, when the Friends of the Summers County Public Library purchased this awesome machine. She had previously been owned by another public library and after 25 years of service is ready to retire. Thanks to the generous support of our community, the hard work of the Friends of the Library, and grants from the USDA and the D.K. Cales Foundation, we have raised enough funds to purchase a brand new Bookmobile.

The new Bookmobile is currently being built by Matthews Specialty Vehicles at a cost of $135,728 and will arrive in Spring 2019. In the meantime, Bertha won’t stop until we get our new bookmobile.

The Bookmobile runs on a two week alternating schedule.
Materials may  be checked out for two weeks and renewed twice for a total of six weeks borrowing time.
There are no fines on Bookmobile materials.
Stops at schools are not open to the public. These are clearly marked on the schedule.
The Bookmobile runs on the same inclement weather schedule as Summers County schools.