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Yearbook Digitization Project

**Please contact Kris or Myra at the Library to assist with this project**

Several months ago the Library sent its very precious (because they are irreplaceable) Hinton High School yearbooks off to the Oklahoma Correctional Industries to be digitized.  The yearbooks have been returned safely to us and with them came copies of each yearbook on DVDs.   We are delighted with the quality of the DVDs and plan to keep one copy in the library as a back up to our increasing fragile collection of yearbooks and to check out the second copy to people who would like an opportunity to peruse a bit of our local history on a computer at home. 

Having successfully digitized the yearbooks that the library owns, we are now hoping to roundup copies of the ones we do not have in our collection and have them digitized as well. 

We need copies of the Dart for 1931, 1942 – 1949, 1953, 1956, 1971, 1974-1976, 1978-1982 and all of those from then until the present.  It would also be wonderful for this community if we could round up copies of yearbooks from the other schools that existed in Summers County – Talcott, for example, or Sandstone and Forest Hill.

We are not asking that the yearbooks be given to the Library (although we will gladly accept donations of any we do not already own), but rather we would like to borrow them to have them digitized.  Is there a risk that they will be damaged or lost?  We will be sending them to Oklahoma, after all, and there is always a risk when you send things out and about. But I do believe that the risk is minimal and that the benefits of having this information permanently available as part of the local history/genealogy collection at the library far outweighs the risk.

So check your bookshelves and look in the attic and, if you have a copy of a yearbook you are willing to share, bring it in to us.  We promise to take good care of it and return it to you as soon as we get it copied!


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